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Piano Lofts

The Piano Loft has an incredible brand presence and distinct quality because of the special lighting design and recognizable blade sign. This unique blade sign for Piano Lofts was created with intricate neon letters and open channel letters, featuring a special piano key design.

A 3D schematic file was created before fabrication of the sign, to present to our client considering the complexity of this build. All glass neon was hand blown and attached to the main cabinet to create the piano keys. The open channel letters house additional neon to further illuminate the sign. The high polished look was achieved using automotive paint.

‎‎‎This modern, yet industrial look provides a distinct and recognizable sign for this brand, bringing its presence to life.

Piano Lofts
Sign Type:
Back Illuminated Letters
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
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Exterior Signage

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