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About The Service

Our business signage permitting service is designed to streamline the often complex process of obtaining permits for your signage projects. We understand the intricate regulations and requirements involved in signage permitting, and our dedicated team handles all aspects of the permitting process on your behalf.

What’s Include In The Services?

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Preliminary Code and Regulation Research

Our team is well-versed in local regulations, zoning codes, and permit requirements, ensuring compliance with all legal standards for your signage.

  • Zoning Code & Regulations
  • Specific Plans
  • Design Review Board Requirements

Permit Drafting

Permit drawings play a crucial role in the successful acquisition of permits for signage projects. These detailed documents provide visual representations and technical specifications that regulatory authorities use to assess compliance with building codes, zoning regulations, and other standards.

  • Storefront Elevations
  • Sign Attachment Analysis
  • Engineering

Application Submittal & Approval

We handle the entire application submission process on behalf of our clients, including filling out forms, paying fees, and submitting all required documents to the appropriate regulatory authorities.

We keep our clients informed throughout the permit review process, providing updates on the status of their application, addressing any inquiries or requests for modifications from regulatory agencies, and facilitating communication between all involved parties.

Our goal is to secure timely approval for our clients' signage projects. We work diligently to address any concerns or objections raised during the review process, making necessary adjustments to ensure compliance and enhance the chances of approval.

  • Form Completion
  • Virtual or In Person Visits
  • Corrections


Once the sign installation is completed, we contact the city's building or code enforcement department to schedule an inspection. Many cities require this inspection within a specified timeframe after installation.

The inspector starts by reviewing the approved sign permit and installation plans to ensure that the sign was installed according to the authorized specifications. This includes verifying the sign's size, location, height, materials, electrical connections (if applicable), and any other relevant details outlined in the permit.

Once the inspector confirms that the installed sign complies with all applicable regulations and standards, they approve the installation and may issue a certificate of compliance or a final approval notice. This indicates that the sign is legally permitted and safe for public use.

  • Scheduling the Inspection
  • Checking Compliance
  • Issuing Approval

Moving On

our goal is to provide a comprehensive and hassle-free experience for our clients, enabling them to focus on their core business while we navigate the complexities of sign permitting and approval on their behalf. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we help turn our clients' signage visions into tangible, legally compliant realities that enhance their brand presence and visibility within their communities.